• Rewrite 1000 descriptions, each rewritten description only have 36 - 60 words
  • Short descriptions (see some samples below),
  • Every day should rewrite 250 description
  • Deadline Wednesday, 16 November 2016 already finish 1000 descriptions
  • Only apply if you can finish 1000 descriptions for wednesday
  • Rewrites cannot taken from internet and must be own words
  • Work to be done in excel.
  • I am looking lowest bid, newbie welcome.

some samples:
Original Description:  Held every summer on Summer Solstice. The Alaska Goldpanners are the farthest north semi-professional baseball team. What makes this event so special is that the sun barely goes down in Fairbanks on Summer Solstice.

Rewritten Description:
How do you show your kids a great American pastime AND an important science lesson at the same time?  The Midnight Sun Baseball Game is held every year in Fairbanks on the Summer Solstice, when the sun hardly sets.  The Alaska Goldpanners really know how to light up the night.

Original Description: Tourist Trap is perfect for picking up Newport related souvenirs, items ranging from tee-shirts and sweatshirts to bumper stickers and coffee mugs. The store is filled with knick knacks and fun souvenirs of all shapes and sizes.

Rewritten Description: Tourist Trap is a definite must for Newport related souvenirs. The store is filled with knick knacks and Newport-wear for kiddos and grown ups alike. Who doesn't love a family in matching vacation tee-shirts?

Lihat project: http://projects.id/rewrite-descriptions

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